I’m out of shampoo!

oh, and almost out of toothpaste!

I guess I’ll call it a monumental moment. I’ve run out of my bonus sized shampoo, why is it a big deal you ask? Well, it’s just another sign that I really live here. Kinda awesome how the little things can make us smile.

it's so beautiful! and huge!

it’s so beautiful! and huge!

Going back to the first week I was here, I’d run out of most of my travel sized items and realized I needed to go shopping. Step one of the reality that I now live here. It was great (and frustrating) trying to think of the necessary items I needed to purchase.

Anyway, it’s been about a month and a half, and trust me when I tell you that reality is very much present.

And I don’t mean the following in a bad way, but I’m bored.

Not in the sense that I don’t like it here, cause I’m in LOVE out here. But, let’s be honest, I went from a very stressful full-time job with too many hours of overtime to no job. Sure, the vacation period of catching my breath was great, but I’m ready to be busy again.

The job search is there. There have been many applications, and a couple offers, but I’m still trying to figure it out. I don’t just want a job, I want one that I’ll appreciate, one that won’t leave me completely drained at the end of the day. I’m not saying stress-free. I mean, promise me a challenge, please. But one worth investing my time and emotions into.

I picked a stressful field, one that doesn’t sit in the well-paid category. But it is in the let me try to make a difference category, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Nor sure why I’m sharing this, maybe because I have some amazing people in my life who believe in me, believe I can.

To those who know the details about my interviews, know they went well, but they weren’t the right fit. So, I’ll keep truckin’. Keep searching, applying and practicing until the right things comes along.

Believe me when I say, life is amazing, it’s worth the struggles we face.

I miss home, but I still feel so blessed to be out here. Because it’s out here I feel I can do what I long to do best, and that is to Live.

That’s all, it’s short and simple. So until next time my friends,
Take time to celebrate living in this challenging but beautiful world!


love this.

love this.


If you’re going through a tough time – KEEP GOING.

We’ve all been there. That place that feels like the end of the road. That point in life where you feel as though you just don’t have the strength to go on. Whether you’re struggling with heartache, negativity, illness, personal turmoil, plans falling through, death of a loved one, feeling unworthy, loneliness, self-esteem, facing some sort of judgement, or something else… there is someone who’s been there.

Let this be a reminder that you are NOT alone. Other people have been there, of course they have never been in your shoes, so yes, your life is different, maybe you feel it is harder… but that does not mean that you are alone! Just because someone doesn’t understand doesn’t mean they don’t care… trust me, people care!

If I’ve learned anything through my life, or through watching those in my life, it’s that if we’re facing a difficult time, the only way to get through it is to KEEP GOING! Push through that damn dark cloud and find the ray of sunshine, cause I promise you, it’s there.

Let those around you be your guiding stars. Let them lead you to the other side of that cloud. Just promise you won’t give up!


– try finding something, one thing, that makes you smile. (maybe this?)

like seriously... haha

– tell someone you’re not feeling well, that life has got you down. It’s OKAY to let someone in, let them know you’re not okay. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help!

– laugh at something… laughter can do wonders, really, you should try it. (laugh at this?)

i've totally done this!

no worries, if you thought that was stupid… it was just an attempt… 🙂

– acknowledge that these struggles in life are NORMAL! it’s okay to struggle from time to time. One of my favorite quotes is, “Pain is essential, suffering is optional.”

Stay positive!

Take a moment and think back to another time you felt run down. Did you make it through that event? If you’re reading this then I think you can answer “yes” to that question 😉 and be proud of that! Think about that time, think about how exhausted you may have felt… and then think about something happy that happened after it. Why? Well, because without overcoming the obstacle that stood in your way, you never would have had that happy moment.

Life has a way of knocking us down time and time again, and it will continue to do so. But how we handle those chaotic moments is what matters. We are in charge of our own lives.

So, no matter what you’re facing, the rest of the world is right there with you, promise. And if you still feel stuck tomorrow, still feel like you’re on a dead-end road, KEEP GOING and make your own path. Live your life in such a way that requires you to tell your own story, because you pushed through the storm and found that ray of sunshine.

You never know, your story may save someone someday.

Keep going, you’ve held on this long. Find that strength that’s buried deep down, tell yourself you’re strong enough, and press on!