Let it all out…

Recently I’ve found my weeks feeling overwhelming. Blame it on the weather? But bottom line is I’ve learned it’s up to myself to pull myself out of that “drowning” state.

Luckily, lately I’ve been able to go to my local coffee joint, grab a coffee and a table and let my thoughts spill out on my computer.

Relief usually finds me hours later as I’ve gotten all the chaos out of my mind through poetry and fictional characters. It’s then I feel (semi) ready for the upcoming week.

Bottom line, always allow yourself some down time. It’s more important that you realize.

So take a moment today and just let it all out. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.


even when you feel as though you’re drowning…

we can learn from nature...

Although we may sometimes feel as though we are “drowning,” it is then we should remember that life exists underwater too … just hold your breath until you reach the surface again… you have to believe everything will be alright.

You will make it through this!

(picture taken from the pond in my backyard)