success looks like this… clearly

ain't this the truth...

Hope this makes you giggle and exhale a frustrated sigh all at the same time.

If ever there were a “path to success” this would be it. Next time someone asks, just grab a piece of paper, scribble a little on it, and pass it their way.

It’s funny cause if you think about your own path of success, you can almost picture all of the crazy turns that have been involved, the overlapping steps, times you wanted to go right but life took you left, the straight periods when you thought it was all going to work out only to realize you were going backwards… you name it, it was just another part of your success story. And thank God for the arrow on the end, cause our success stories have no end. Even after the Lord has called us home, the things we did in our lifetime will leave an impact on others (whether it’s big or small). It’s never-ending. Beautiful. 

So next time you sit there, frustrated because you feel as though your success story is more of a “failure story,” remind yourself it’s anything but. Everyday that we survive, even if there were no obstacles to overcome, is a success.


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