feel like an unlucky bug on a windshield… join the club!

“you were given this life because you were strong enough to live it.” ~unknown


it's your life

Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog. Call it a new part of your life if you wish. The main purpose behind this blog isn’t only so I am able to express myself “online” but to let others (you) know that someone wants to make a difference in your day, maybe your life, and hope that you’ll continue the cycle by passing it onto others!

Life has its ways of beating us down time after time, and sometimes we feel as though we have reached our limit. Well, it’s time WE teach life a lesson. We need to fight back with all that we have.

So what if our day has gone terribly wrong.

So what if someone pissed you off today.

So what if you feel like an unlucky bug on the windshield.

So what if you feel as though the day couldn’t possibly get any worse…

cause guess what… I’m sure it could. A horrible fact, but who are we to run from such a truth. The only way to get around all the negativity? Purposely put some positivity into our day; alter our way of thinking.

Imagine what just a couple seconds of positivity could do for your day.

Maybe you find peace in reading a daily Bible verse, or an uplifting quote, how about a picture, maybe a song? No matter what it may be, let this site be another positive “thing” in your life. And if you need a little more? Contact me!

NO ONE should feel alone in this world! There’s too many of us! And really, how hard is it to smile at a stranger while going about your busy day? That smile you just flashed… it may have just saved someone’s life. Seriously. So smile today for yourself and for that stranger.

The impact we can have on one another is greater than any of us know.

So, when you’re feeling sad, broken, hopeless, alone… check in here. Find a moment of peace, reach out, I wont tell anyone (my lips are sealed). Know that you are NOT alone. Know that there is beauty ALL AROUND you. Know that you are loved just as you are. 

Much Love,



2 thoughts on “feel like an unlucky bug on a windshield… join the club!

  1. Hi Kylie!!!
    I really look forward to hearing what you have to say… I love your positivity and your inspirational thoughts and words!!
    SO glad that I finally met you!!

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